Valentine's Day 2015

This year's Valentine's project could not have been more fitting for Austin and I. One of our very first dates was going to fly a kite. It was Austin's suggestion, and I thought it was a total joke at first....until he got it launched and showed off his stunt kite flying skills. I knew then that this guy was a keeper. Since then, we have collected a number of kites and try to get the kids out for a picnic and some kite flying as often as we can. It's such a simple and perfect way to share company and great Bay Area weather. Thanks for stopping by! and:

We send our warm hugs, laughter, friendship, and gratitude to all of our family, friends, clients, supporters, and industry wish you all love that soars high like a kite on a perfect blue skies, slightly cloudy, windy but not to windy, and you can totally see the moon up there behind your kite too - day!

Joy, Austin, Phoebe, and Sybil