The Dilly Dallies

Meet The Dilly Dallies! Bandmates Steve Slater and Jenn Ekman, both stay-at-home parents and professional musicians, write and sing songs about the many adventures of life as parents and as children. Their songs are catchy and oh-so relatable ("Mystery Injury" is a personal favorite with my kids!). And the time that we spent cruisin' around Alameda taking some photos for them, proved to be just as fun as their tunes. These two are such quality people....the kind you want to be friends with. The type you want your kids to be friends with their kids. And the exact kind of person you would have hoped would have written those amazing songs your littles listen know, those songs you just can't get out of your head. 

We have a CD in our car AND in the house CD player at all times, our kids love it that much. Thank you, Dilly Dallies, for being such a core part of my children's musical experience. 

If you haven't heard their music yet, check out their website and pick up a CD today! They also play regularly at Twirl in Alameda on Park Street.